MRC Music Studio 

Music Lessons in Bloomington, Indiana  

Certified, Licensed, Experienced

Middle School rock band of MRC studio
Middle School mrc studio rock band Rehearsal 2023
MRC studio high school rock band at the Orbit Room 2023
Orbit Room show for MRC Studio middle school rock band
Orbit Room performance HS rock band MRC Studio 2023
HS rock band singer and guitarist Orbit Room
Trailhead Pizzeria elementary rock band December 2022 show
Trailhead Pizzeria Middle school rock band 2022 show
HS rock band at Spring Concert 2022 MRC Studio
HS rock band bass player 2022
Elementary Rock band MRC studio Spring Concert 2022
Middle School Rock band Spring Concert 2022
All Spring Concert performers MrC Music Studio 2022
All performers MRC music Studio 2021 outisde Harmony School stage
Middle/HS rock band 2019 Lotus Firebay show
HS Rock band at Lotus Firebay show 2019
Elementary School Rock band in MRC Music Studio Harmony School Spring Concert 2019
Singer ukulele player at Spring Concert 2019 Photo Chris Rall
MrC Music Studio trumpet players 2019 Photo Chris Rall
Middle SChool/Elementary combo rock band Spring Concert at the Harmony School Gymnasium 2019 Photo © Chris Rall
Ukulele Ensemble performing "Stairway to Heaven" at the Harmony School Gymnasium 2019 for the MrC Studio Spring Concert 2019 {Photo © Chris Rall}
Mr.C with the HS rock band at Orbit Room show 2022
Elementary Rock Band at Trailhead Pizzeria Show 2022
Piano student at Harmony Spring Concert 2019
Ukulele and drums at Harmony School Spring Concert 2019 Photo by Chris Rall
All Performers at the Harmony School for the MRC Music Studio Spring Concert 2018
Drum Circle at the Band Jam for beginning
2012 Spring Concert performers at Farm Fresh Studios
Father and Son at Farm Fresh Studio 2015
Trumpet student at the Spring Concert
2nd version of the rock bands at the Spring Concert
Performance at the Bloomington Farmer's Market downtown 2015
Trailhead Pizzeria ukulele group performance 2015
Middle School rock band Spring performance 2023
Student recording voacls and ukulele in studio 2015
Ukulele ensemble at Farm Fresh Studios 2014
MrC performing with a student at Rogers Elementary School Mr.Love's class talent show 2009
Music Studio performance at Meadowood Senior Living Center 2018
Ian Shaw singing at Spring Concert at Harmony School 2018
Elementary Rock Band at Trailhead Pizzeria 2018
HS rock band rehearsal 2019
Studio performers yearly photo wall
Farm Fresh Studio for the Spring Concert performers photo 2017
2010 & 2023 Spring Concert performers photos combined
HS rock band at Spring Concert 2023

Music Realization Center

A full-time music studio of many beginning to advanced level students of all ages. 

— Also known as Mr.C’s Music Lessons — 

Music Lessons, Beginner Band Jam, Student Rock Bands, & Performances


+ Ukulele, Band Instruments, Keyboard/Digital Interfaces

Celebrating 16 years of a fun, caring, consistent and nurturing learning environment

— And 26 years as a licensed music teacher —




June & July 

Upcoming:   Spring Annual Concert #15


The Music Realization Center

4 Age Levels of Studio Bands !

This studio is one that encourages performing for those students who are interested in that. Students have performed at the studio shows at schools, churches, farmer’s markets, nursing homes and then taken it further on their own to ukulele festivals, NPR shows, school dances, etc.


Be On Wheels Mr.C also is a licensed Roller Skating instructor and specializes in teachign beginners the right way