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Our son has been taking lessons--both ukulele and drums--with Mr. C. for about (six) years now.  We have been consistently impressed with Mr. C and his teaching ability.  With Mr. C.'s creative, fun, and patient approach, our son has not only learned how to play, but has also developed a genuine interest in music.  Mr. C. has nurtured that interest with opportunities that go beyond our weekly lessons, including Saturday morning "band jams," recitals, and even recommendations as to how he can explore music on his own.  If you are looking for a fun and creative environment where your child can learn and explore music at his or her own pace, we would certainly recommend Mr. C.”       


Christopher Shaw - parent, student and author of “The Fish on the Dome”


Meet The Instruments

  Many young students in this studio have gotten their start by being given the chance to try many instruments in the space of their weekly lesson before eventually picking one or two to begin to formally learn.  We now have many students and years worth of experience that the results are almost always positive and usually exceeding the traditional route of the student or parent picking the instrument to study before they start lessons.

Band Groups 

    Each month there are groups that take place on Monday evening and all current students are invited to participate and others can sign-up. Music is best learned together !

Band Jam is a group music activity open to all younger students. We try-out instruments, create music/sounds and learn how to listen to each other.

Rock Band is a selected group of students who jam, rehearse, and perform songs.

Uke Group is for youth who know how to play the ukulele and they experience group practice and performance.

Trumpet Group for all beginning trumpet students learning and improving on the trumpet


   Brian Courtney has been teaching for about 20 years. His desire is for any student to experience their own progress in playing a musical instrument which in turn helps them fulfill their own life goals. The role of a professional music teacher draws inspiration from the art of education equally with the art of musicianship. Mr.C has created and grown this music studio for over 10 years. In addition, he has years of public school teaching experience in band, general music, and much more. In just his first 2 years as a licensed professional teacher in the public schools he rose to the challenge to teach almost 2,000 students. He has a Music Education degree from Indiana University and has held teaching licenses for music and elementary classroom, and has been a performing musician in rock, soul, and jazz bands.

    The main thing you should know about Mr.C is that he loves to share music with others and the development of each student young or old is the most important thing. Music is a way to experience the world and it is for everyone. 

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Be Music Studios is a music lesson studio where Mr.C gives lessons on guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, trumpet and Band Groups in Bloomington, Indiana since 2008. Mr.C has been teaching music since 1995.

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                                  Uke Group Caroling Adventure = December





WHAT:  Be Music Studios is a music lesson studio run by Mr.C providing music lessons to children and adults for almost 10 years now. Mr.C teaches TRUMPET, GUITAR, BASS GUITAR, and UKULELE from beginner to an advanced level. He also teaches piano and drums/mallets for beginning level students.

WHO:  Best age to start 6,7,8,9,10 years, teaching students of any age and adults

HOW: One or two lessons a week with group activities and performances regularly

WHY: To instill a lifelong love of music

WHEN: Monday - Thursday 4:30-8:30pm

WHERE: East side of Bloomington,Indiana

CONTACT EMAIL:    mistercourtney (at)