Mr.C’s Music Studio


   Mr.C’s Music Studio is a single teacher music studio that gives lessons on guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, trumpet, trombone, and digital audio workstations as well as Ukulele group, Band Jams, and Rock Group in Bloomington, Indiana.


     “Our son has been taking lessons--both ukulele and drums--with Mr. C. for about two years now.  We have been consistently impressed with Mr. C and his teaching ability.  With Mr. C.'s creative, fun, and patient approach, our son has not only learned how to play, but has also developed a genuine interest in music.  Mr. C. has nurtured that interest with opportunities that go beyond our weekly lessons, including Saturday morning "band jams," recitals, and even recommendations as to how he can explore music on his own.  If you are looking for a fun and creative environment where your child can learn and explore music at his or her own pace, we would certainly recommend Mr. C.”

  - Christopher Shaw, parent and author of “The Fish on the Dome” Nov.2013